Monday, October 1, 2007

Is this what happens as the kids get older??

So, Christian is playing football this season, thankfully for us it is flag football...supposedly no contact, I don't know about THAT!!

I can't believe how competitive these parents are. These parents are playing for blood...or, should I say...they are playing so that their child has a chance to play in the playoffs under the lights at the high school on a Friday night. Have I mentioned poor Christian's team hasn't won a game...poor kids.

Still, I can't believe my little boy is playing football. I don't, baseball, lacrosse, etc. These are all wonderful sports...but there is something about your child playing football that really gets you.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

My first post

Ok, here we go....

I started this blog to keep myself a little diary of my daily life and to see if I can keep it going and not blow it off, like I seem to do with a lot of things.

My name is Debbie, married to Rob for almost 11 years. We have 3 beautiful children, Brandon and Christian are 8 years old (yes, twins....hence why it took me this long to finally have time to DO this) and our gorgeous 5 year old daughter, Paige.

The boys are in 3rd grade this year and Paige is in Kindergarten...ALL DAY LONG. I was devastated at first, missing my lunch buddy...but I am adjusting. Plus I have an AWESOME job, I get to be a substitute teacher in my children's school. So secretly I get to see them occasionally in the halls.

Ok, my kids are calling me. Rob is working tonight and the kids and I are going out to dinner at Chili's...big night out for us.

I'll write more tomorrow....I hope.